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Top 15 Best Child-Friendly Dog Breeds Perfect For Family

Child-Friendly Dog Breed


Child-Friendly Dog Breed


Dogs can enrich a child’s life. They can be playful or protective, which we love them doing. With proper training and guidance, dogs can bring happiness and other benefits to families, especially children.

Here are the top 15 best child-friendly dogs perfect for families.


Dachshund tends to be playful, gentle, and responsive to training. Dachshunds love adventure, where they can do regular exercise and play sessions.

They sometimes are aggressive if they don’t train well. However, they still fit into a family home. Kids would love them being around.

But, they can be possessive if they become too attached to anyone. 

Besides, you also need to know that they might not get along well with other tiny dogs.

French Bulldog

These pups are bred to be companions and known as very affectionate with playful characters. They don’t need much exercise to compare to other breeds.

That’s why small safe areas are enough Frenchies have a shorter snout, the reason to take more proper care during hot weather.

Their lovely facial wrinkles need to maintain their cleanliness using a damp cloth.

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The Havanese breed can be one of the best tiny dogs for children and families. They can be good companions and very affectionate.

If properly trained, Havanese can enjoy learning tricks with food rewards. On the other hand, Havanese are conservative to strangers despite being gentle and peaceful.

They have a hypoallergenic coat that needs brushing regularly.


The Papillon is also known as Continental Toy Spaniel. This breed is one of the oldest toy spaniels. Their name originated from its fringed hair on the ear, which is like a butterfly.

They are also high-spirited and good-natured with children. If you like to have a small dog in your family for your older children, consider owning a Papillon.

Young children may not handle their fragile characteristics. 

Child-Friendly Dog Breed

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles enjoys everyone’s company. They are comfortable with other pets and very friendly to humans. This breed loves playing outside and exploring.

They get along with kids very well as they are affectionate and gentle. They don’t need extensive exercise as they’re smart enough and can be trained easily. 


Child-Friendly Dog Breed

Another easily trainable dog breed. Pugs have a well-developed body, entitled as one of the best small dogs for children.

They’re steady and patient but likely to be bored and feel extreme sadness when left alone with troubles. This indoor dog can’t stand intense heat as they have short noses.

They may also be wheezing and snoring from time to time.

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Child-Friendly Dog Breed

The Beagles are one of the best dogs for families as they are always on the top list. They perform well either with canines or humans.

Beagles are solid dogs with fine muscles and a broad nose, and ears are hoppy and long. They need to exercise regularly and become stubborn if they find an exciting scent.


Child-Friendly Dog Breed

Poodles are capable of acquiring tricks with very obedient acts. They are considered as one of the most intelligent dogs which love tracking activities and agility training.

They are a good fit for children as they are known for being gentle and matching kids’ energy.

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Child-Friendly Dog Breed

Vizsla loves tagging along to outdoor adventures. They are sensitive and gentle, a perfect company with children. Vizsla dogs only barked when provoked and often quiet.

They are known to be loyal, lively, and caring. These dogs quickly get along with third owners and kids.

Child-Friendly Dog Breed


Child-Friendly Dog Breed

Boxers are a short-haired breed developed in Germany, a breed known to be patient and protective. They can also be playful and upbeat.

Boxers enjoy human company and are tagged as one of the best dogs for children. They typically behave well with other family pets.

They are a good companion for long walks and jog as they love to run consistently.

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Child-Friendly Dog Breed

The Collie dog breed is very family-oriented and affectionate with kids. They are known to be mild-mannered and gentle. The Collie has 2 types.

The first one is the standard Collie; that’s a good family dog. The other is Border Collies, which are strong, standing firm, and very responsive. They are not suitable for some young children.

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Golden Retriever

Child-Friendly Dog Breed

Golden Retrievers love to play with kids. They are intelligent, gentle, and enthusiastic. Perfect with families as they are remarkably sweet and soft with kids.

This breed responds well to obedience training and is very eager to please. They require regular exercise as they are known to be athletic and strong.

Irish Setter

Child-Friendly Dog Breed
Child-Friendly Dog Breed

The Irish Setters often tend to be friendly and even-tempered. They need plenty of exercise as they are known to be athletic and active.

They are sometimes not suitable for young children as they are unruly and too big for them.




Labrador Retriever

Child-Friendly Dog Breed
Child-Friendly Dog Breed

Labrador Retrievers are popular in the United States known to be the best family dogs. They are good exercise buddies and love to swim and retrieve.

This sweet-faced dog breed is a very outgoing and high-spirited companion.


Child-Friendly Dog Breed
Child-Friendly Dog Breed

The best word to describe this dog breed is “sweet.” Newfoundlands are very calm and best-around with kids. This cuddly giant is a good choice for a family dog.

They are known to be a kid magnet. This breed is one of the biggest, so they need a large room to romp. 


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Child-Friendly Dog Breed
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