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4 Tips for Odorless Home With Dogs

Ultimate Tips for Odorless Home With Dogs

If you have a dog, you need to know how you can help to reduce the pet odors that are present in your home.  Because of the fact that most people are readily aware of the pet odors that are present there really is not much need to discuss where they are located.  It is much better instead to focus your effort on preventing the odors. Ensure that you are not left trying to control and monitor the odors. Because of the amount of odors that your dog can produce, you need to work diligently to avoid the problems.

House Train your Dog

Tips for Odorless Home With Dogs

Your first step is always to properly house train your dog.  This means a schedule and a specific place in your yard where they are allowed to go.  You should stick to the schedule as much as possible. Come rain, sun, or snow, it is important for your pet to have this routine. Your carpets will certainly thank you in the end.  If you are unable to make a scheduled time, you need to quickly take them out as soon as you can following the missed trip.

Potty Training Dog

Tips for Odorless Home With Dogs

As much as we would love dogs to use potties that isn’t what this article is about. I’m talking about house training, making sure that they know to go outside when it is time to do their business. Potty training your dog is a lengthy procedure but at the end you’ll know it’s worth it.

The simplest method for potty training a dog is the newspaper method.

Many owners have the problem where dogs excuse themselves in the house, because they don’t know any different, you can make them sit outside for hours but they will wait until they come inside the house to do their business, and most of the time they will do it where you can’t see them. This happens because while trying to potty train their dog many owners punish them after they have done the toilet in the house. But that is no good, they need to be caught in the act, but you don’t need to rub your dog’s nose in it like many suggest! The dog needs to learn to trust you not fear you or it will never learn.

The first obstacle in potty training dogs is to teach the dog how to go on command, you can do this inside the house then work your way up to teaching him to do it outside.

Pick a certain area inside the house, maybe at the back door or something likewise, place a lot of newspaper around the area and every hour or so take him there and tell him to do the toilet, or whatever you want the command to be. Sooner or later he will do the toilet, but you have to keep a close eye on him around the house so you can see if he is going to do the toilet or not. When you see him go to do the toilet, take him to the paper and tell him your command, then praise him for doing it on the paper, this type of potty training needs a very vigilant handler. When he learns to go on command try to take him outside instead of the paper, that way he will soon learn that he has to go outside.

There are other problems that potty training your dog can help with, submissive urinating can be quite a large problem.

Often when your dog meets someone knew that he likes or someone he knows, or even another dog he can get very excited and in turn he wets himself. This isn’t good for the person he is doing the toilet on and is very embarrassing for you. Potty training your dog will help to only release on command.

With a lot of hard spent time and vigilance you can teach your dog anything, potty training is just a step towards another accomplishment in your dog’s life, when he does do the toilet outside and not in the house make sure he receives lots of treats and praise, the more he knows it pleases you the more he is likely to do it!

Use Litter Box/Puppy Pads for Small Dogs

Tips for Odorless Home With Dogs
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For very small dogs, you can look into a litter box or even puppy pads. These are very good for those times when you are at work. Also, if you live in an apartment building where you have no yard close by and other similar situations.  You should however not rely on this as only a part-time solution for your pet.  If you are looking to train your pet in this method, you need to be fully committed so that you do not accidentally confuse them.

Doggy Diapers

Tips for Odorless Home With Dogs
© istolethetv via Flickr

You should also consider obtaining some of the doggy diapers that are on the market. 

Available in both male and female versions you can get disposable versions as well as fancy fabric styles that are very cute.  Taking some time to find a pair that properly fits your dog will help to cut down on the odors around your home significantly and is even helpful in preventing a male from marking around the house.  Being absolutely certain that you choose the right size is critical though, or you could create a rash on your dog that is very uncomfortable for them.

Take Them Outside

Tips for Odorless Home With Dogs

It is also a good idea to offer any older dogs that you have ample opportunity to go outside as well.  Not only puppies need frequent potty trips outside.  Allowing your older dog the opportunity to go outside frequently will ensure that they are able to relieve themselves in an appropriate place. Rather than on your carpet where you are likely to be extremely upset.  Taking the time to create a schedule for your older pet is just as important as it was for your puppy.

By following these suggestions, you will be able to avoid a large number of pet odors that could be present in your home.  Taking some time to implement these measures into your home is very important. It could enable you to quickly and easily see just how you are going to be able to make the changes necessary in order to help reduce pet odors for good, while still keeping your pet happy and healthy.  Remember, you are ultimately responsible for your pet. It will take plenty of time to work with them carefully.

Tips for Odorless Home With Dogs
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