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Tasty and Healthy Homemade Dog Food with Squash

Homemade Squash Dog Food

Homemade Squash Dog Food that’s Tasty and Healthy

Preparing food for your charming dogs doesn’t have to be a lengthy and laborious process. Look to the fun side. Your pet dogs have cravings just like you.

Of course, be cautious, too, in selecting the food you give to your dogs; keep it flavorful and healthy. Are you searching for an ideal recipe for your fur-babies to delight in, which is effortless and nutritious at the same time?

Look no further than the best dog food you can whip up at home! This yummy treat gives your dog a hint of meat and veggie all in one bowl: a favorite you can offer, a healthy option for a delectable meal.

Chicken hearts and liver are significant sources of vitamins and minerals for your dog. It is beneficial for growth and development. Also, squash is high in fiber, low in calories, and loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Those ingredients supremely aid in your dog’s long-standing health. It is a well-known ingredient rich in beta carotene and vitamin A, which are great for your dog’s eyesight.

Also, squash serves as a natural food sweetener that your dog will surely love.

Homemade Squash Dog Food


600g squash

100g chicken heart

300g chicken liver

3 tbsps olive oil

2 1/2 cups water

Homemade Squash Dog Food


Homemade Squash Dog Food
Homemade Squash Dog Food


  • First things first: cleanse the squash, the chicken heart, and the chicken liver thoroughly with water before beginning with any chopping and slicing. You wouldn’t want to add dirt and dust to your recipe. Keep it clean and healthful.
  • Go grab the whole squash of any size. Carefully cut it in half on a chopping board. Mind your fingers, don’t hurt yourself, okay?
  • Once you have the squash in halves, take one half and start removing the seeds at the inner part with a spoon. Place the seed residue in a separate bowl or container. Proceed with the other half and continue until you exclude all the seeds.
  • Now that you have the seeds separated, take a half squash and cut it into crescent shapes, or like a letter C.
  • Take the C-shaped squash slices. Peel the squash skin off. Slice it off thinly and avoid the yellow parts. You wouldn’t want to waste the yummy edges.
  • Once you have removed the skin, chop each C-shaped strip into pieces big enough so that it won’t mash when boiling.
  • Set the pieces aside in a bowl.
Homemade Squash Dog Food


Homemade Squash Dog Food
Homemade Squash Dog Food
  • Heat the pan and add 3 tbsps of olive oil. A side note: olive oil has excellent effects on your dogs because it keeps their coats moisturized, leaving them shiny all throughout. Olive oil also improves their immune systems and keeps your dogs away from diabetes and cardiovascular ailments. If you have no olive oil on hand, you may use water instead.
  • Add the 100g chicken heart into the pan. Saute for 5 mins or until each of the sides are brown. Be careful not to overcook.
  • Put 300g of the chicken liver along with the chicken heart in the pan. Cook until the liver shrinks, browns, and firms. When finally cooked, set aside in a bowl.
  • In the same pan, saute the squash chunks with olive oil. Add 1/2 cup of water into the pan. Mix in until it slightly softens.
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  • Next, transfer the squash chunks into a pot or cauldron. Add 2 cups of water into it. Cover the pot with a lid and bring it to a boil in medium heat.
  • Meanwhile, grab the bowl with the chicken hearts and livers. Slice the hearts and livers into tiny pieces. Note: If your dog is medium to large-sized, you can feed them 1 oz (28.3 g) of liver every day. If you have a small dog, use half of it.
  • Once the squash has boiled, add the pieces of chicken heart and liver into the cauldron. Stir well.
  • Cover the lid one more time and wait for the squash to soften. Do not overcook unless you intend to feed your dog a squash puree.
  • Prepare container/s for the cooked food. Transfer it into separate containers depending on how much you need for each day. This recipe can last for 3-5 days, depending on how often your dog eats. Add rice with it if your dog isn’t trying to lose weight.
  • Dig in! Mix it with rice.
Homemade Squash Dog Food
Homemade Squash Dog Food
Homemade Squash Dog Food

Make “you are what you eat” Apply to your Dog Too

Pet food companies, veterinarians, cat and dog owners suggest heating your pet’s food because this would make their luscious treat more savory.

In case your hungry fur-ball dislikes eating a stiff, arctic meal straight up from the fridge, you may heat it slightly by pouring boiled water into their bowl or by merely heating their food up in a microwave for a few seconds.

Don’t serve the food if it’s still too hot to eat. Test the food out with a food thermometer or just with your finger to avoid scalding your pet’s mouth.

Remember, “you are what you eat.” Your dog also needs to eat the right kinds of food, served at the right amount to keep him/her wholesome and robust.

A walk outside or a run in the neighborhood would be easy-breezy because your fur-baby has the energy it takes to enjoy his/her time all day long.



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