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Top 12 Dog Breeds for Tropical Weather

Dog Days of Summer: Top Dog Breeds for the Tropics

Dog Days of Summer
Dog Days of Summer

We often hear about the “dog days of summer but few know what the expression means.  The dog days or dog days of summer are the hot, sultry days of summer.

Having a pet dog can be one of the best kind of experiences in life. Dogs are loyal, affectionate, kind, loving, obedient, and trustworthy.

However, not all dogs are “all in one fit” when it comes to different conditions. There are dogs with the characteristics of thick furs and broad bodies to suit them in the colder regions’ cold climates.

And some have muscular endurance and an obedient nature that require them to have a strict and active environment.

In this article, we’ll dive into the breed of dogs best fit for tropical regions. That’s where the weather is warm, arid–and yes, dogs that can withstand the dog days of summer.

The fundamental necessities for dogs to thrive in the tropics include:

  • Long Snouts
  • Large Ears
  • Thin Fur
  • Lean Bodies
  • Water-Loving

Labrador Retriever

Dog Days of Summer - Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is one recommended breed of canines that are suitable for tropical weather. One highlight of Labradors are their thin coat of fur.

This allows them to cool down in the warm weather. They are also water-loving dogs. Whenever they see the water, they go straight to swim and may even bathe for long periods.

This is primarily a significant advantage for owners who want to clean their dogs regularly.

They are fun and obedient dogs and may also prove reliable guard dogs because of their booming barks. Scaring away intruders will be a piece of cake for them.

They are also perfect family dogs since they are non-aggressive towards toddlers and kids. The only setbacks in owning Labradors are their tendency to seek attention.

They can sometimes fight other dogs to get the devotion of their masters.

Labrador Retriever Details

Lifespan   | 10-12 years

Category  | Sporting Dogs

Height      | Males: 22-24 inches-Females: 21-23 inches

Weight     | Males: 65-80 pounds-Females: 55-70 pounds

Nature     | Lively, Affectionate, Trusting

Trivia        | Labradors have webbed toes that make them excellent swimmers.


Dog Days of Summer - Rottweiler

The Rottweiler breed might not be a reasonable choice for some newbie dog owners since they have a fearsome reputation as guard dogs.

But in reality, these dogs are amusing and loving to be with. Rottweilers are recommended dogs for the tropics because their coats are thin and smooth.

And similar to the Labrador Retriever, they love wading in water for hours on end.

In the heat of the day, they can pant to cool down and drool to keep their mouths wet. For owners who are beachgoers, bringing your pet Rottweiler to the beach with you is a blast.

They love playing in the sand and would run around the beach shore, searching for crabs and small critters. Other than tropically suited dogs, they can also be excellent watchdogs, rescue, and even an affectionate family dog.

Just remember to spend regular time with them to get them used to people and children.

Rottweiler Details

Lifespan   | 9-10 years

Category  | Working Dogs

Height      | Males: 24-27 inches-Females: 22-25 inches

Weight     | Males: 95-135 pounds-Females: 80-100 pounds

Nature     | Alert, Obedient, Fearless

Trivia        | Rottweilers’ bite force can exert 300 pounds of pressure.

Great Dane

Dog Days of Summer - Great Dane

For a large breed of dogs, the Great Dane is best for hot to warm weather. The critical aspect of these dogs that enables them to thrive in climates is their lazy nature.

Also, their large physique is mostly because of their height rather than size. This feature makes them less prone to sweating.

For owners who plan to adopt these incredible dogs, light-colored fur is suggested to cool down quickly in the hot weather.

With their large bodies, they are prone to health conditions such as gastric torsion and hip dysplasia. In terms of grooming and maintenance, these dogs are no problem.

They only have a thin line of fur, which makes cleaning and brushing easy. Additional benefits in adopting these dogs are their reliability as guardians.

They have a strong sense of detecting danger and will attack if their owners are threatened.

Great Dane Details

Lifespan   | 6-8 years

Category  | Hunting and Guarding Dogs

Height      | Males: 32 inches-Females: 30 inches

Weight     | Males: 100-120 pounds-Females: 100-120 pounds

Nature     | Tender, Supportive, Shy

Trivia        | Great Danes are said to ward off evil spirits and ghosts.

Dog Days of Summer


Dog Days of Summer - Beagle

The next on the list of our tropical dogs is the Beagle. They are sometimes coined as miniature foxes because of their light and small bodies.

The essential qualities of these cute little dogs are that they are intelligent, cuddly, determined dogs. For average small dogs, they require a minimum of 20-40 minutes of exercise a day.

The good thing about them is that they only have a short coat and a flat body feature, making them adaptable for the hot weather. Plus, these dogs don’t require much when it comes to grooming.

The Beagle was specially bred to be hunting dogs and not much with guarding land or property. Facts about them are that they are so small they can basically fit in a small bag.

At present, they are mostly recognized as lovable house pets or fashion dogs because of their endearing and lovable appearances.

Beagle Details

Lifespan   | 12-15 years

Category  | Hound Dogs

Height      | Males: 13-15 inches-Females: 13 inches

Weight     | Males: 20-30 pounds-Females: 20 pounds

Nature     | Quiet, Sharp, Friendly

Trivia        | Beagles have three standard barks; a howl, a standard bark, and a yodel.

Doberman Pinscher

Dog Days of Summer - Doberman Pinscher
Dog Days of Summer

The breed of Doberman Pinscher has the qualities for it to flourish in the hot tropical climate. Taking a closer look, however, the Doberman might not be an ideal pet for hot climates since its fur mostly consists of black and dark brown.

A kind of color that gets warm very quickly. But since they only have a thin body feature, they don’t often tire and sweat.

Their breed is trained to be alert, obedient, smart, enthusiastic, and active. Dobermans were initially bred to guard properties, land, or people; they are guardians by nature.

They are a lightweight variety of dogs and have short coats. If you plan to adopt a Doberman Pinscher, it’s best to enclose these dogs in shaded areas. Giving them a bath twice a week is also recommended.

Doberman Pinscher Details

Lifespan   | 10-12 years

Category  | Guardian Dogs

Height      | Males: 26-28 inches-Females: 24-26 inches

Weight     | Males: 65-90 pounds-Females: 65-90 pounds

Nature     | Faithful, Heroic, Compliant

Trivia        | Dobermans have been ranked as the 5th smartest dog breed.


Dog Days of Summer - Chihuahua
Dog Days of Summer

These dogs have been represented in some high-status celebrities such as Britney Spears, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jared Leto, and Jennifer Lawrence.

They have also been showcased in the movie- “Beverly Hills Chihuahua.” It’s no surprise why these dogs are tropical weatherproof.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua Full Trailer

https://youtu.be/sXvSEVO1Heo   Dec 23, 2008


Their tiny bodies are well-suited for hot climates because small features make them passive, and food consumption won’t be a problem.

Their thin coats don’t give much protection against the colder regions, which makes them more suitable for hotter temperatures.

The Chihuahua is considered a company dog that explains why they are sometimes seen often in bags. They require much attention from their owners.

Despite their small size, they have a temperamental attitude and may confront and defy other large dogs.

One of the most exciting facts about these dogs is that they can live for more than 18 years! That’s more than enough time to know and bond with your dog.

Chihuahua Details

Lifespan   | 14-18 years

Category  | Company Dogs

Height      | Males: 9 inches-Females: 7 inches

Weight     | Males: 2-6 pounds-Females: 2-6 pounds

Nature     | Agile, Daring, Pleasant

Trivia        | Chihuahuas have been known to cure asthma.

Dog Days of Summer


Dog Days of Summer - Dalmatian
Dog Days of Summer

These dogs are famous in the movie 101 Dalmatians, and it’s no surprise why. Their polka-dotted coats make them look staggering.

101 Dalmations movie Poster
101 Dalmations movie Poster

But Dalmatians are not just for show; they have been known to face fire and rescue survivors. That makes them well adapted to even the hottest of temperatures.

But despite their heatproof coats, it is not recommended that they be left out in the hot weather for a long time.

And because these dogs are active in nature, daily exercise is required to maximize their energy.

If you plan to adopt these spirited dogs, make sure to give them time and affection; they will tend to become depressed without good companionship.

Throughout history, these dogs have been used in wars, circuses, and hunting, thus requiring them to have bodies built to endure various kinds of tasks.

101 DALMATIANS Clip – Watching TV (1961) Disney

https://youtu.be/6YKdOgZB9Qs     Jan 8, 2020

Dalmatian Details

Lifespan   | 11-13 years

Category  | Non-Sporting Dogs

Height      | Males: 19-24 inches-Females: 19-24 inches

Weight     | Males: 45-70 pounds-Females: 45-70 pounds

Nature     | Sociable, Responsive, Spirited

Trivia        | Dalmatians are born snow white and eventually grow their spots after 4 weeks.

Afghan Hound

Dog Days of Summer - Afghan Hound
Dog Days of Summer

At first impression, this dog might not survive in hot or even cold climates because of its long fur. But they have been known to survive in hot and cold temperatures.

Their name, Afghan, is short for the word Afghanistan which makes them susceptible to intense climates in the middle east.

They are also an okay fit for owners who just love to groom their pets; you could learn to groom their locks or let a professional do it for you.

The Afghan Hound was bred to take down large and formidable prey in the Middle Eastern regions, making them fast and agile dogs ready and fit for combat.

However, it’s ironic how they have a low pain tolerance. A small bruise is already excruciating for them.

It is also good to note that because of their hunting behavior, keep in mind your neighbor’s pets, especially their cats.

Their long flowing locks make them unique and astounding dogs.

Afghan Hound Details

Lifespan   | 12-15 years

Category  | Hound Dogs

Height      | Males: 25-27 inches-Females: 25-27 inches

Weight     | Males: 50-60 pounds-Females: 50-60 pounds

Nature     | Gracious, Self-Governing, Ecstatic

Trivia        | Afghan Hounds are one of the oldest dog breeds in the world.

Border Collies

Dog Days of Summer - Border Collies
Dog Days of Summer

Similar to the Afghan Hound, Border Collies are also shaggy dogs. Like all dogs, Border Collies have a heat index in which they tolerate the strict hot temperatures.

They can handle the heat, but only on average. Newbie owners should take note that Border Collies are classified in two categories, Rough and Smooth.

The smooth Collies are much more resistant than rough collies. The former has shorter hair compared to their rough counterparts.

For Border Collies, having a double-layer coat is an exception. Other dog breeds consider it a disadvantage, but it is regarded as an advantage for them.

The double coat layer protects them from the summer heat, and in the winter, it acts as an insulator against cold temperatures.

It could be considered that these dogs are the bomb when it comes to fighting different climates.

https://youtu.be/kGrPhMkuC0Q     Feb 24, 2016


Border Collies Details

Lifespan   | 12-15 years

Category  | Herding Dogs

Height      | Males: 19-22 inches-Females: 18-21 inches

Weight     | Males: 30-55 pounds-Females: 30-55 pounds

Nature     | Brisk, Vigilant, Firm

Trivia        | Border Collies are ranked as the number one most intelligent dogs in the world.

Dog Days of Summer

Chinese Crested

Dog Days of Summer - Chinese Crested
Dog Days of Summer

A little larger than an average Chihuahua, the Chinese crested dog is no stranger to the scorching heat. Their hairless body says a lot about heat resistance, making them easy to cool down.

However, their advantage comes as a disadvantage because they lack hair, they are prone to sunburn and other skin diseases.

With their small and minute sizes, they can have an extrovert attitude meaning they require a strong bond with their owners and would even go on incredible feats when separated from them.

Another thing to note before owning these dogs is their tendency to lose a tooth or two. It’s not a sign of lousy genetics.

Instead it is a natural trait that resulted from their ancestors in Africa. The lifespan of these dogs can range from 10-14 years.

They are also a suitable choice for those who want to budget on doggy food.

Chinese Crested Details

Lifespan   | 13-18 years

Category  | Toy Dogs

Height      | Males: 11-13 inches-Females: 11-13 inches

Weight     | Males: 8-12 pounds-Females: 8-12 pounds

Nature     | Pleasant, Fun, Kind

Trivia        | Chinese Crested are loved by sailors because of their rat hunting skills.

German Shepherd

Dog Days of Summer - German Shepherd
Dog Days of Summer

The German Shepherds were made to exert energy and endure the hot sun while herding sheep. They can tolerate hot weather as well as cold weather.

However, just like all dogs, you have to provide them with proper enclosure and available shade. A clear indication that your German Shepherd is overheating is digging holes in the ground finding cool, moist soil, and laying on it.

It’s vital to take note of the main problem for dogs in hot weather is heatstroke. Unlike humans, where we don’t have fur, dogs, on the other hand, they have thin to thick hair, which makes them in danger of heatstroke.

A minimal bath twice a week will be enough to supply their needs. A few signs that can be visible when your German Shepherd is in heatstroke are vomiting, bright red tongue, confusion, quick panting, red mouth, and thick saliva.

If any sign is indicated, please consult your local veterinarian.

German Shepherd Details

Lifespan   | 12-14 years

Category  | Herding Dogs

Height      | Males: 24-26 inches-Females: 22-24 inches

Weight     | Males: 65-90 pounds-Females: 50-70 pounds

Nature     | Secure, Brave, Intelligent

Trivia        | German Shepherds have been taught to use parachutes during world wars.

Australian Cattle Dog

Dog Days of Summer - Australian Cattle Dog
Dog Days of Summer

The Australian Cattle dogs are classified as working dogs, enabling them to undergo herding under the hot sun. In the day, their coats act as a chiller after herding sheep and cattle.

At night it functions as an insulator for the cold environment. They are sometimes known locally as Blue Heelers and are reliable for herding.

Categorized as herding dogs, they would require some training and daily exercise to utilize their energetic nature. Neglecting their training will lead to destructive behavior and independent character.

They need proper training at a young age to minimize their violent personality. One of the recommended practices for these dogs in socialization is exposing them to your children and strangers.

It is also good to take note of genetic diseases these dogs have. Buying from a proper breeder is essential.

Australian Cattle Dog Details

Lifespan   | 12-16 years

Category  | Herding Dogs

Height      | Males: 18-20 inches-Females: 17-19 inches

Weight     | Males: 35-50 pounds-Females: 35-50 pounds

Nature     | Watchful, Snoopy, Amiable

Trivia        | Australian Cattle Dogs have Dingo lineage in their heritage. 

Dog Days of Summer


The most visible sign that your dog is not suitable for the hot conditions is thick furs, usually having 2 or more layers.

For a dog to survive in the tropics, it needs to salivate always to keep its mouth and insides cool. Brachycephalic (flat-faced) dogs are not appropriate for hot environments.

Their narrow airways and nostrils make it hard for them to resist heat. It is also significant to take note that short-muzzled dogs are unfit for hot weather.

Similarly, dogs that are prone to obesity get warm fast.



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