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Name Your Pooch: 7 Tips on How to Choose Dog Names

Dog Names


Dog Names: 7 Tips on How to Choose Dog Names

Dog Name on Collar
Dog Name on Collar

         People around the world spend a lot of time thinking about names. Whether for unborn children, things, phenomena, and even animals, people spend a minute or two naming them. Of course, naming gives that person, animal, or thing a sense of originality and even endearment. In other words, names distinguish one thing from another. 

         Naming dogs is not an exception to this. It’ll always be the owner’s decision whether he names his mutt or not. For some, they just call their dog “Dog,” “Mutt,” or just plain “Puppy.” You may think this is funny, but you will always find dogs named like those mentioned above. Worst, some name their dog opposite to their breed (e.g., a Shih Tzu named “Husky.”)  

         Whether the name suits the dog or not, it’ll always be up to the owner’s judgment. Still, the fact that it takes time to think of names remains. In fact, a lot of dog owners still have a hard time naming their pooches. Below are some tips on how to name your dogs.

Dog Names

Consider the gender of your dog.

One might say, “Oh, it’s 2021, and I’m going to name my male dog ‘Anna.’” Well, it is indeed 2021, but dogs are really far from humans. Naming them according to gender actually makes it easier for the owner to distinguish them. Especially if there are multiple dogs in your household. In addition, it won’t cause any form of confusion or commotion when going to the veterinarian. 

Keep it simple

Once again, naming dogs is far different than naming humans. Dogs also do respond to names because they can perceive sounds emitted by us. Naming them with such complicated names only makes matters worse. In addition, giving them short and simple names is critical for their training. 

It is highly recommended that dogs should be named with one or two syllables only. Avoid names such as Sir Jackie of Wesselton or Anthony Jack Rosemary. If you plan to name your pooch, such as “Jack” or “Manny,” it will do enough. 

Furthermore, if possible, avoid naming them human names. Naming them after a weekday, fruit, color, shape, or just anything that you like may do. For example, you brought your new puppy home on a Friday, then naming him “Friday” makes things easier. Or you got a cute Golden Retriever puppy, but you can name him “Brownie” since he’s brown and brownies are cute.

Dog Names

The way that the name sounds matter

As strong as their sense of smell are, their sense of hearing is no different. They can perceive sounds up to 80 feet away. And that the way they process these sounds is impressive in its own way.

Now, considering that fact, dogs may sometimes confuse their names as other things. As mentioned, short names significantly influence how they train. The name may be short, but they may get confused if it sounds similar to a command. They may just stand there when commanding them. Or they just do the command even though you call their name.

Commands such as “sit,” “stand,” or even “stop” may be confused for the names Seth, Anne, and Schmuck. It’s highly recommended to not name your pooch names that sound similar to such commands, regardless of language. Naming them such will confuse them and make it harder for training and disciplining.

Dog Names

Avoid “negative” names or connotations.

There will always be no reason to blame your dog for every bad thing that’s happening to the world. If anything, these four-legged creatures are natural antidepressants. So don’t attempt to name them something that is negative or an insult.

Dogs don’t feel guilt. In fact, they actually only feel sadness and can perceive other people’s notions about them. Naming them such negative connotations and insults results in people laughing at them.

Furthermore, it might also be an insult to the people surrounding your pooch upon hearing your negative connotation. He or she might be offended in place of your dog. Just imagine going to the veterinarian and calling your black dog the “N” word. You might be kicked out immediately.

Think about your dog’s personality or characteristics

Sometimes, naming can be based on how the dog really is. The dog’s personality can be observed by his or her owner a few days after arrival. It really is one of the most convenient ways to name your pooch. 

For example, if he’s always energetic, then the name “Bolt” can be good for him. You would not name a huge active dog “Tiny” or a sweet little puppy “Venti,” would you? It really wouldn’t fit the dog if that was the case.

Also, if you’re naming dogs based on their characteristics, then stick to it. Do not attempt to name a dog based on your friend’s or your relative’s personality. Auntie Jenny won’t be happy when you named your dog after her just because they’re both noisy.

Dog Names

Try calling them with their names for a few days.

As it was mentioned, the way you name your dog is essential to its training. Upon deciding a name, try calling it out to him to see how he would react. If the dog responds to the name, then that means he can already perceive it as you calling him. It’s part of his training.

Avoid changing names

Names are permanent and shouldn’t be changed based on your mood. That’s why it takes time to think of a good name. Because once it’s there, you can never change it. Especially when the dog can already perceive the name you’ve given him. 

In addition, it helps in legal matters. This is true when your dog has gone missing. Sticking to one name, especially when registered, aids in looking for it faster. Because the last thing that you want is to confuse your dog between “Anna” and “Sandra.”

In conclusion.

Dog Names
Dog Names

         Naming the dog will always be upon the choice of the owner. However, a deep understanding of the dog’s personality and surroundings can help you choose a proper name. As dogs are loved by so many people, it’s just befitting that its name is a symbol of your love for them. After all, it’s what sets your dog apart from others.


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