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Pooch 101: Dog Terminology Every Sploot Parent Should Know

Dog Words

Dog Words: Dog Terminology Every Sploot Parent Should Know

dog words

This term can also be a cute name for a male dog. But, what it refers to is a mixed dog breed. It can be a synonym for mongrel, another dog slang term you’ll come across later on in this list. 


Dog Words

We all know the word ‘split,’ a flexible activity that separates limbs. The word sploot comes to light when a dog stretches their legs as its belly lay on the flat ground. Observe your dog in a comfortable position, relaxing their whole body on the floor. That’s the origin of sploot. 


Dog Words

The term is well-known among pet owners. It’s also a name given to address a stubborn cat. However, in a dictionary, this term refers to a female dog. 


Dog Words

Dogs bark and they piss. They’re exceptionally gifted, and as a result, they’ve earned their own nicknames. When a dog barks, it doesn’t always sound like a typical bark. Sometimes it’s dark-full, deep, and low-bark. We called it a boof back then. Why call them doggy when we can call them super boof.


Dog Words

A puppy is referred to by this term. Whelping, on the other hand, is the verb form. It alludes to the act of giving birth to a puppy. So, if you have a pregnant dog, make sure you’re ready for their whelping.


"Dog Words

If you know Kendall Jenner, you’ll recognize hound dogs. Although this slang refers to a specific breed, it’s also usable in a general sense. Hunting and scent tracking are popular practices for hound dogs. However, this term can also mean dog


Dog Words

We all hear this term somewhere all over the internet. Many would say it’s an intimidating pooch term to take in, but one can agree it’s genuinely sophisticated. It is a scientific word for dogs.


It’s a synonym with Tyke. One would admit that this slang is quite monstrous and comical at the same time. It usually refers to a dog who is not a pure breed. In other words, it’s a mixed-breed dog. 


Dog Words

This term is already in the Google dictionary. It’s trivial slang for dog or canine. And everyone would agree that this slang is lovely. 


While Bitch refers to a female dog, Fido is used to mean the opposite sex. It is a colloquial term for a dog but is common for male dogs. It’s a mundane name for masculine dogs like a Labrador. Beware, you might encounter one in your neighborhood named Fido. 


Dog Words

Everyone would agree that no one in the universe has not known this term. It’s overrated, but it’s too precious. Everybody knows and uses this term. This slang is the go-to of every dog parent. Even guardians who are not so creative with making dog names default to ‘doggo’ Thanks to this canine term!

Now let’s go a little deeper and hear more about some details. After all, as the old saying goes, “the difference between winning and losing is all in the details.” Here’s a list of different categories on particular dog terminology. 

dog words

Category 1: Head Terminology


Dog Words

Dogs with neatly trimmed muzzle


"Dog Words

Sploot with a tipped-up nose 


Pooch with curved, downward muzzle 

Category 2: Teeth Terminology 


Dogs are like a human with braces, the formation of their jaw is also observed. 

Canine tooth

Now, it’s official they’re the alter ego of human beings. Though the canine here refers to a dog, it’s undeniable that we have our own canine teeth. This tooth is the first premolar or the fang, which is also present with us people.  


Dog Words

The tooth that cuts or bites off an object into pieces. Look at your canine’s mouth and see if you can find six incisors in both the lower and upper jaw. 

  1. Overbite

Doggo dentists may want to schedule these teeth for pooch braces. It is when the upper jaw overlaps the lower. Check your dog’s mouth and look if there’s a predominant gap between their teeth. It’s what you call an overbite. 


We have this. It’s the smaller teeth near the canine and molars. For dogs, it’s generally at the back of the fangs. 

Category 3: Coat Terminology

Double coat

Thicker fur like wool. It’s usually combined with an outer coat with warm linings.


Hairy or furry, especially on the ears, legs, and tail. 


Feathered-tail, copiously covering over the front to the back  

Single coat

Doggo with a one-layer coat. A dog with thin or short fur that isn’t thick enough for its body.

Category 4: Ear Terminology

Bat ears

French Bulldog ears, large and erect

Button ears

Fox Terrier ear, the is semi-prick

Drop ears

Basset Hound ears, long, hanging ears

Rose ears

Greyhound ears, small and folded back 


Bloodhound ears, typically hanging down 

Prick ears

German Shepherd ears, perching and stands upright. 
dog words

Category 5: Body Terminology 


Shoulder hairs which are thick and long enough to cover


The chest area of our pooch pal


The area between the belly button and the croup.


Slender-body pooch with long legs 

Roach back

A chamfer, highly vaulted topline

Category 6: Foot Terminology 

Hare’s foot

dog words
dog words

Doggy with a narrow foot.


dog words
dog words

An American Pitbull claws. In other words, these refer to canines with extra toes. It’s also common for sheepdogs whose toes are extra within the inside of the front hoof.

Paper foot

dog words

Simply a flat footprint



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