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New Puppy Parenting


Welcoming A New Puppy Into Your Home – Are You Really Ready?

If you haven’t had a puppy before are you really ready to bring a little furry friend home? I mean, are you really ready for new puppy parenting?


Sure it sounds all wonderful in theory. However, stop, before you run out and get the first puppy that melts your heart. There are a few things you need to consider carefully. Let’s examine a few of them.

Do You Have Time to Care for Your Puppy?

All puppies need your time, and lots of it. If you’re the kind of person constantly rushing to get everything done, think seriously or maybe reconsider the idea of bringing home a puppy. A puppy is a new creature to this world. All of them need your time and attention. Any puppy needs to learn how to properly live in it.

cute puppy

Your puppy needs your help learning how to potty train. They need to learn how to behave properly around other pets and people. Puppies need lots of your attention for playtime. Think twice. do you have time to give to a deserving puppy?

What about your family, are they in Agreement?

Your new family member will affect everyone in the family. That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure everyone in the family agrees in accepting this new family member.


This will ensure the puppy comes into a welcoming home. It won’t create any unwanted issues and tension between family members. That will be good for the puppy. It won’t be conflicted and the puppy probably feel loved like a person would.

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There’s work involved – Are You Ready for the Work?

Puppies take a lot of work. Are you ready to put in the effort and prepared to have paper towels and mop in hand constantly? Are you ready to get up in the middle of the night to tend to your puppy’s needs? What about playing even when you don’t feel like it.

cute puppy

You might have to make trips to the vet trips, also to the store to buy pet food? Are you ready to handle emergency situations with your puppy? You could spend the hours to physically care for your puppy; training, bathing, brushing, feeding, and other care. Are you ready for this?

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Today I’m sharing 10 things I wish I knew before getting a puppy!

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Can You Really Afford a Puppy?

Puppies do cost money whether you can get your puppy absolutely free or not. Your puppy is not going to be free for long. Maybe you’re buying a purebred or other pup. Either way, the expenses don’t end when you bring your puppy home.

basket puppy

They just begin as you’ll find out if you’ve never had a puppy before. You’ll need money for food, treats, bowls, toys, bedding and more.

Here are more things, some of which you will need to get.

crates, leashes, collars, grooming, shots, neutering or spaying, licenses, training or obedience classes, routine medical bills, unexpected vet bills, and more.

You need to be prepared for this. Honestly decide if you really can afford that furry little friend.

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Do You Have Support if Needed?

I’ve mentioned it’s hard work taking care of a puppy. Will you have any support to help you when you need a break? This is something to think about this before you opt for a puppy. You will save yourself a ton of stress if you have some support with your puppy.

cat and doggie

Support can come in many different forms. The family member who’s willing to dog-sit if you go out of town, the friend who can offer puppy potty training advice and help, the neighbor who walks your dog once in a while if you can’t.

Honestly answer these questions. If you do, you can make a realistic decision about whether you can adopt a puppy or not.

If your answers show you’re not quite ready for a puppy, then wait until the time is right.

puppy parenting

That’s the right thing to do. You and your potential puppy will be much better off. If your answers show you are ready for a new puppy, then congratulations! It’s an exciting time when you venture into a new world of pet parenting.

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Keeping Your Sanity With A New Puppy In The Family

cute little puppy

You’ve decided to bring hone a puppy. Congratulations! It’s now a part of the family. Once the celebration is out of the way… well are you sure of what you are getting into? Get prepared for the lack of sleep and your puppy’s constant attention. Get used to the persistent chewing, the messes on the floor, and other annoyances.

new puppy parents

You’ll soon find out, unless you’ve already had a puppy before, all that goes with it. Having a new little out-of-control furry creature in your life will take some getting used to

new puppy parenting

No Worries – it’s Not All Bad

Actually it’s all very good. Puppy parenting can be extremely rewarding.

However, it can also be mentally and physically draining if you don’t take time for yourself while raising a puppy.

Here are a few tips on how to get your breaks and keep your sanity.

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You’ve got to Figure out a Routine

Life might seem pretty chaotic once you’ve got your puppy. Maybe its going a mile a minute, round and around in circles, up and over in a whirlwind of activity.

new puppy parenting

In reality, your puppy really wants and needs routine. In many ways, puppies are like children.

Children need rules and a routine in order to feel safe. Puppies need rules and a routine for the very same reason. Getting your puppy on a routine will help you both. Start by creating a schedule. Choose feeding times, potty times, play times, nap times, and bed time. Then stick to it. Your puppy will get used to your routine and probably expect it.

Puppy Parenting

Of course, you may need to adjust the schedule in order to keep puppy on track. Especially with potty training whichcan be a hit or miss initially. But as you work this out, your puppy will quickly learn the schedule. You’ll finally be able to relax a bit.

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Remove any Valuables…or Pay the Consequences

If you have things you don’t want destroyed, do yourself a favor. Save your sanity by putting them out of your puppy’s reach. Your puppy is too young to understand all the things that can or cannot be chewed on or played with. Just know if you have to be constantly vigilant and always yelling ‘no!’ that’s a problem. You aren’t going to remain sane for very long. Neither will you enjoy your puppy.

new puppy parents

As a reminder, shoes make wonderful chew toys as far as your puppy is concerned. Keep all shoes hidden behind closet doors. Don’t think you can get away with putting them under the bed. If your puppy can roam freely it will find them amd that will be the end of them. Hiding them and other lose things will remove the temptation for your puppu to get them and eliminate frustration on your part.

There are some safety issues that also come into play here. Tape up or otherwise corral electrical cords. Plants can be either a mess waiting to happen or worse. There are many poisonous plants to be aware of. To be safe, remove them all out of your puppy’s reach. Also, put breakables away. In other words, clear away loose things. You have a puppy on board.


Get a Few Puppy Toys to Keep it Busy

There are so many great toys on the market today for puppies. Look for appropriate squeaky toys, chew toys, rawhide bones, ropes, and more. Use these to distract and keep puppy busy while you go about your day.

first time puppy parents

Be sure to keep a bucket of these ‘distractions’ handy at all times. Anytime puppy goes after something to chew on that you would prefer puppy leave alone, like your arm or the sofa, pull out a distraction. Puppies need to chew and they need to play, so make a good toy available at all times.

Have to or Want to Get Away – You Need Help

There are going to be times when you just need a break. Maybe you want to get away. Maybe you just want to stay home and take a nice, long, completely uninterrupted nap.

Puppy Parents

Ask for help! Maybe a family member or friend can help. If this is not an option, schedule time to get out and about to local dog parks or pet clubs where you can meet other pet owners. You may be able to make some mutually beneficial relationships. Maybe you’ll find someone where both of you can help each other out with your frisky little puppies.

Puppy Parents

Puppies could just be the cutest little things on earth. With all the power their cuteness holds, you may be tempted to forget to take care of yourself. Don’t neglect yourself! Find ways to make puppies happy while taking little breaks so you can be the very best puppy parent you can be. Then you’ll both be happy, healthy, and ready to enjoy each other.

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