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Homemade Dog Food for Nursing Dogs

Dog Food for Nursing Dogs

Seeing your pet dogs become mommies is extra-fulfilling. Certainly, you are grateful that they have survived a whole pregnancy just fine and are now happy moms to a bunch of litter. No one would like to rain on any fur-mommas and daddies parade. However, it should be said and done that your dog’s pregnancy isn’t the only challenging journey you will be facing as a fur parent. It is essential to take into consideration the extra love and care you provide these dogs.

Once your dog has given birth to her cute little pups, she has to serve them as the good mommy that she is. And to serve her puppies rightly, she has to be in perfect health as well. Puppies will feed on her through breast milk, so the food she shall consume has to be the healthiest and nourishing ones. Because this time, she is not just feeding herself, but also her offspring. This same mindset should be adopted by dog owners. Dog owners shall bear in mind that they are feeding a mother and her pups.

There are, of course, a lot of suggestions for healthy dog food for nursing dogs. However, it is essential to consider that dog food for nursing dogs should be more improved and healthier than the regular dog food you usually feed your pets when they are not pregnant or mothers of newly born puppies. More nutritious foods result in healthier pups.

Nutritional Needs of Pregnant and Nursing Dogs

Pregnant and nursing dogs have different needs than regular dogs who have no incoming or newly bred doggies. If it should be said, pregnant and nursing dogs have more needs in terms of nutrition to receive. As a fur parent, you cannot let the nutrients your pregnant and nursing dogs consume come short. It is the time where you should give them the most.

It is essential to pay close attention to a dog’s diet during her pregnancy to ensure safe birth and healthy puppies. Once the dog has given birth, an equal need for attention during her lactation days should also be provided.

Protein, fat, and high levels of soluble carbohydrates are required to meet the nutritional needs of pregnant and lactating dogs, along with minimal fiber content. Nutrition should also contain calcium and phosphorus to ensure appropriate bone building in the puppies and enough milk to allow them to nurse.

Weak puppies and complications of the momma dog’s health can result from underfeeding dogs during pregnancy, which can be caused by low-quality food, nutritional imbalances, or just too few calories.

Nursing Dogs: What Food to Feed Them

There are so many things to consider when choosing the best homemade dog food to feed nursing dogs. They require so many nutrients because it is not just them you are going to feed. The puppies should also be in consideration.

Nursing dogs need fat and calories to maintain their health. The greatest and healthiest sources of fat and calories for nursing dogs are those whose nutrients are easily absorbed and assimilated by the dog’s body. If the nursing dogs’ food is not easily absorbed by their body system, the nutrients will go to waste as the momma dog will either pee it out or poop it to waste. If this happens, the momma dog will still lack the nutrients she needs to feed her pups.

A little reminder that feeding momma dogs with white meat, organ meats, dairy products like blocks of cheese, and a small number of green vegetables and eggs will help nourish their body and promise better lactation for nursing their babies.

Here are some of the things you must consider in terms of feeding your nursing dogs:

  • As a fur parent, you should be concerned about how little fat and calories mama dog is consuming because she needs MORE. While she is still nursing her babies, a high amount of fat and calories should be fed. Fat and calories can be easily absorbed by her body, so the food she is consuming will immediately turn into nutrients she needs while nursing. Don’t worry about overfeeding her since all the nutrients she is receiving will be shared among her litter through breastfeeding.
  • Aside from fat and calories, a good amount of calcium in mama dog food is also recommended. Calcium will help the baby doggies in building up their bones and muscle tissues. Don’t forget protein, too! It is vital for puppies, pregnant doggies, and lactating mama dogs alike.
  • Consuming liquids allow mama dogs to produce more nourishing milk for their pups. Feed her with milk, freshwater, and chicken soup. Keep mama dog hydrated at all times!

Homemade Dog Food Recipe! – Sautéed Chicken Turmeric Rice

Make this homemade Sautéed Chicken Turmeric Rice for your fur-momma at home, and she’ll love it. This recipe calls for a few ingredients: chicken breasts, boiled rice, turmeric, and coconut oil. It is pretty simple to create. Simply sauté all of the ingredients until they are cooked in hot coconut oil. The bright yellow color of the food will undoubtedly draw the attention of Mama Dog to the dish. However, the nutritional value and taste of the recipe that is mentioned earlier are more apparent.

Besides being high in protein, chicken also has a lot of calories and fat. All are important nutrients for nursing puppies, as previously stated. Mama dog’s lactation will almost certainly improve due to using this recipe. In it, the rice contains fat and calories as well.

It is important to remind fur-parents that it is safe to overfeed nursing dogs from time to time. They have more appetite while lactating and breastfeeding their pups since they consume food for themselves and the whole pups. Once the puppies are already well underway to grow and do not need many nutrients from mama dog, fur-parents can adjust their diet back to normal. But as mama’s dog is still nursing her little litter, gaining weight is not an issue.



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