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Excessive Barking: How to Stop Your Dog    

Excessive Barking in Dog/

Excessive Barking in Dogs

Reasons Why They Bark Excessively

Excessive Barking in Dogs
Excessive Barking in Dogs

Sometimes, we get angry or irritated every time our dog’s bark. But are you wondering the possible reasons why our dogs bark excessively?

There are also instances wherein our dogs don’t stop barking, and we don’t know why they bark so hard and for so long. 

A bark is the loud, sharp sound a dog makes, and it’s normal for them to bark. And we should never expect that a dog would never bark because it is their way of communicating.

They don’t just bark for nothing or for no reason. But there are many possible reasons why dogs bark excessively. 

Health Problems: 

Some dogs bark because they are having a health issue or they are in pain. So it is best to get your dogs checked by a veterinarian so that your dogs will be evaluated.

Check your dogs’ condition, and you will know whether your dogs have health issues or are in pain.

Fear or Alarm: 

Often, dogs bark excessively when there are objects or noise that catches their attention or things that startles or frighten your dog.

Like for example, people or to new people, strange or new situations, or it could be a loud noise like fireworks, and many more, especially when your dog is nervous or fearful.

Protective or Territorial: 

Dogs can be possessive of their territory or area and want to protect it. That’s why most of them bark excessively when a person or another animal, especially another dog that comes to the place where your dogs consider their territory.

Loneliness or Boredom: 

Dogs, just like humans, need the company of others. A dog may not just look for another dog’s company, but also they long for human company.

Your dogs will feel lonely, bored, and unhappy if they are left alone for a very long period. These could be the possible reason why your dogs are barking excessively.

Separation Anxiety: 

Mostly, some dogs have separation anxiety. Like kids, dogs do not like to be left alone or detached by the person who the dog considered the dog’s companion. 

To learn more about separation anxiety in our dogs, you may want to check this article: Dog Separation Anxiety: What To Do?

Seeking for Attention or They Want Something: 

Most dogs bark excessively when they would like attention, or they want something. Like they want to go out for a walk. Maybe they want to play with you. Your dog might be hungry, or want a treat from you. 


How to stop them?

Excessive Barking in Dogs
Excessive Barking in Dogs

There are also times when we can’t control or stop our dogs from barking, so we just let them bark until they stop. So what are some tips to keep our dogs from excessive barking?

Excessive Barking in Dogs

Never yell at your dog: 

If you want to let your dog stop when they are barking excessively, avoid yelling or shouting at them because it will just make their barking worse.

Screaming or yelling at your dog will not help in the situation, and it will just make the dog bark even harder. Just stay calm and be quiet.

It is also advisable to teach or train your dogs the meaning of the word “Quiet.” 

Excessive Barking in Dogs

Ignore the barking: 

If your dog is barking to catch your attention, it is recommended to ignore them, avoid touching them, don’t talk to them, or even look at them until they stop barking excessively.

When they are quiet, this will be the time that you will give them their reward or their wants. This will make them learn that if they bark excessively, they can’t have what they want.

Avoid hitting or punishing your dog: 

Hitting your dog, using devices that can hurt your dog like shock collars, and punishing your dog will not make the situation better. This will cause pain and harm to your dogs.

Excessive Barking in Dogs

5 Amazon Products to Stop the Excessive Barking in Dogs

Excessive Barking in Dogs
Excessive Barking in Dogs

There are times when we find it difficult to calm our dogs and stop our dogs from barking excessively. Here are some products available that will surely help us control our dogs from barking excessively.

Amazon is an internet-based enterprise that sells all the things we need, including our pets’ needs! 

So here are 5 Amazon products that can help us in stopping our dogs who bark excessively.

1. Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent

Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent is a rechargeable bark control device. This is the number 1 best seller on Amazon. It is a dog barking deterrent and a dog behavior training tool control device of 16. 4 ft. effective control range with Dog whistle.

It provides an effective and safe solution for bark control and for dog training. This device will help you train your dog effectively.

It can help in stopping your dog from barking excessively. Also, help prevent eating foods that are not safe. It can also help prevent fighting, and other unwanted behaviors of your dogs. 


2. Pet Corrector – Dog Spray

This product is one of Amazon’s choices. Pet correctors help stop unwanted barking, chasing, stealing, and jumping up on our dogs.

Pet Corrector works by emitting a harmless hiss of air to interrupt barking & help you train “no bark” & other useful training commands.

It can be used or spayed in general correlation to the can size. For 50ml cans, it can be used about 50 times. It is best used in short bursts and should never be pointed at dogs.


3. MODUS Ultrasonic Dog Barking Deterrent

Modus Ultrasonic Dog Barking Deterrent is also Amazon’s number 1 best seller. It is a 2 in 1 device (Bark Control Device and Dog Training Device).

The device has a control range of 16.4 ft., wrist strap, battery included, LED indicated, can be used indoor or outdoor. It is also easy to use.

By just pressing and holding the device’s button, it will automatically emit an ultrasonic sound that can only be heard by dogs.

This product is suitable for all dogs. However, this type of anti-barking device is not recommended nor effective in dogs with hearing impairment.


4. Handheld Anti Barking Device

The handheld anti-barking device is a 2-in-1 ultrasonic bark control and dog training device that can be used indoors or outdoors.

This device is safe and effective. It stimulates the dog through sounds that humans can’t detect. It won’t hurt our dogs’ auditory sensors.

This dog anti-barking deterrent is not recommended, nor is it effective in dogs with hearing problems or impairment.


5. AUBNICO Bark Control Devices

AUBNICO bark control device is an outdoor ultrasonic bark deterrent that has 3 levels of hidden anti-barking effects.

It is also a pet trainer with a 50 ft. range that will help you train your pet or dogs to stop barking excessively. This device is harmless to pets and has no effect on human ears.  




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Excessive Barking in our Dogs

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