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Social Media Influencer Dogs that Probably are Richer Than You

Dog Influencer Instagram

Influencers have taken over the internet these days. Open your Instagram account, and you would see these personalities who became famous and rich for posting photos or videos of themselves using certain products from particular brands. However, would you be so surprised that it is not only James Charles, Lele Pons, Kim Kardashian, and Ariana Grande who became richer in the field of social media? And would you be even more surprised if these wealthy influencers are not humans at all?

Let’s move past these typical tanned, blonde, and petite-looking influencers and now go over the furry, adorable, and friendly fluff of doggies in this article. A little bit of warning, though, because these pooches might be a little richer than you probably are in real life.

How Does Influencing World Works?

It’s important to note that dogs must first establish a significant online presence for dogs to become social media influencers. And to have this highly sought-after social media presence, these canines must have a large number of followers and engagements. Posting photographs and videos of cute, wholesome, or endearing pets on social media can help them gain more followers. When this occurs, businesses or local brands will contact the doggies’ owners to see if they would be interested in having the dogs promote their brands or products.


What Do Influencer Dogs Really Do?

The term “pet influencer” refers to influencer dogs who are categorized as such. This means that they are equal to humans selling businesses and products on social media by posting updates for their audience to interact with regularly. Obviously, these influencer dogs are unable to publish anything on their own accounts. Thus, their fur parents are in charge of their social media profiles. They are also the ones who negotiate contracts and provide advertisement possibilities for influencer puppies.

The responsibility of the influencer dogs is to pose for photographs and inspire other internet users to purchase or utilize the products, businesses, and services they are currently promoting. Many people would be interested in what these influencer dogs are utilizing because the public loves them. When we see someone using something we would like for ourselves on social media, we always urge them to ask where they get it. Consequently, if someone we love uses a particular product on social media, we often follow their lead in using it. That is precisely what influencer dogs are aiming and planning to achieve.


Influencer Dogs Who Might Be Richer Than You


Dog Influencer Instagram

Do you love watching mukbang videos? You know, where people eat so much in front of the camera while purposely making sounds while they slurp and chew from the food? Well, you should tune in with @griffinfrenchie as that is exactly the content Griffin and Haru are making on their youtube channel. They mainly advertise dog cereals to their viewers. Since they have thousands of subscribers who routinely watch them online, their popularity is continuously soaring high along with their cash.

Follow them here: @griffinfrenchie



Dog Influencer Instagram

Meet Tucker Budzyn, the ever-loyal and beautiful golden retriever with luscious golden fur that made him one of Pantene recruit him for an advertisement. When his owner blows a powerful air hose at him, Tucker’s long hair blows in the wind as the music plays. This has made Tucker famous. Everyone can say that he is one of the social media dog Pharaohs since he has garnered at least 12 million followers across different platforms. If you have more than ten million followers on the internet, wealth is just around the corner.

Follow them here: @tuckerbudzyn


Loki the Wolf Dog is what you would imagine him: wolfish-looking malamute and husky crossbreed. His rise to stardom was unexpected. His fur parent Lund was only taking pictures of Loki and posting them on his personal Instagram account when a particular photo reached many Instagram users. Soon enough, brands after brands of dog food and other dog necessities start reaching out to Lund. Today, @loki has reached at least 1.9 million followers on Instagram. Different brands are still clamoring to have him in their company.

Follow them here: @loki



This pup’s name is Geordi La Corgi, and he always lives according to his mantra that goes like “to boldly go where no corgi has gone before.” Geordi La Corgi is based in Los Angeles, California, and he pushes the boundaries of canine couture to new heights. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi, thanks to his very talented and artistic fur parents, is swiftly climbing through the ranks of social media. From playful to athletic to fashionably dressed, @lacorgi maintains a sense of humor and affection at the core of its artistic expression.

He is on his way to becoming a supermodel with each distinctive pose he executes. In fact, this rich corgi has appeared in a spring collection with British men’s shop MR PORTER. Yes, that is how influential our ‘Lil @lacorgi is. With over half a million followers on Instagram, @lacorgi has become a pup sensation in the field of doggy fashion.

Follow them here: @lacorgi



Contrary to his Instagram username and breed, Bronson is actually not a bully who would hurt others for the mere fun of it. Aside from being a fun-loving pet to his fur parent, @bronsonthebully also held a fundraiser for COVID-19 relief operations. If that is not the softest you have ever heard a dog has done for others, I do not know what is. Right now, he has over 200K followers on Instagram with multiple brand endorsements.

Follow them here: @bronsonthebully



Good ol’ Manny is your most famous bulldog all over the internet. He got the highest followers when it comes to bulldogs, and that means that the clamor of brands that want his face on their products and services are piling too. He became world-famous by just posing adorably in front of the camera. Right now, he has 1 million followers on Instagram. They always give his post a heart each time he takes a snap.

Follow them here: @manny_the_frenchie



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