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Most Emotional Tales of Faithful Dogs

Sad Dog Stories

Sad Dog Stories

Dogs are the best judge of character. Many of us perceive them as brave, loyal, and affectionate animals. Aside from their adorable features and sprightful energy, dogs are kind and sensitive to human feelings.

Every relationship of a man with his dog will always be worth-telling. A lot of loyal dog tales touched the hearts of several pet lovers.

Do you want to hear dog tales that can get you teary-eyed? Now, sit beside your dog and don’t forget the tissue.

If your heart was never broken before, well brace yourself and get your hearts torn apart by these emotional dog tales.


Sad Dog Stories
Sad Dog Stories

The American adaptation of the Japanese tale about a loyal dog named Hachiko is based on a true story. Most of us have heard this heartbreaking story, either from the internet or from a friend.

The story revolves around a dog’s loyalty to his late master. It all started when Professor Parker found the abandoned dog at the train station.

He took it home, intending to return the dog to its owner. Parker discovers that the dog is an Akita and names it Hachiko. While nobody claims the dog, he then decided to keep Hachi.

Parker found family and friendship with Hachi. Every day, Hachi accompanies him to the train station and returns every afternoon to greet him after work.

Dog Stories

This Akita dog taught the local people near the station love, compassion, and above all, unyielding loyalty.

One day, an unforeseen event happened; Hachi’s beloved master passed away and never returned to the train station.

Four seasons had passed, Hachi still waits for Professor Parker to arrive.

One freezing evening, while Hachi sat on the block he used to lay in waiting, Parker’s friend came to him.

The man said, “You don’t have to wait anymore, Hachi. He is not coming back.” The dog’s eyes expressed the pain and the longing.

For nine years, Hachiko faithfully returns to the same spot at the station every day. He still waits for his beloved master to come home.


Sad Dog Stories
Sad Dog Stories

Browny is a 23-year old German shepherd domesticated by an old couple. Linda and Geromo adopted Browny when he was still a puppy. The couple treats Browny no less than human.

In fact, Geromo was so grateful to the dog for staying with his wife through chemo. Every morning, 73-year old Linda will have her therapeutic walk in their spacious backyard.

Browny accompanies her every 6 a.m. to have that tonic walk. Three years later, Linda passed away. She left Geromo and Browny in melancholy.

One morning, Geromo noticed that Browny still walks every 6 a.m. in their backyard despite Linda’s absence. He then believes that Browny does this routine to honor Linda.

Browny never wavers in taking the morning groove as if he was still keeping the company of Linda.

Sad Dog Stories

Swansea Jack 

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In 1930, a black retriever named Jack became the legendary hero in the docks of River Tawe. Jack saved a young boy from drowning in the river.

His first heroic deed goes untold until he rescues someone else. Ironically, it is believed that Jack has initially been afraid of water.

William Thomas encouraged and trained the retriever to venture out for a swim. Jack was able to save many people from drowning as his swimming skills leveled up.

This smart dog does it by holding the person’s collars and dragging them to shore. As he accumulates record-breaking heroic deeds, he became known as Swansea Jack – the hero dog living in the docks and riverbanks of Tawe.

At first, there was no verified number on how many times Swansea Jack save lives. His master, William, is illiterate and was unable to keep a tally of his bravery.

Sad Dog Stories

Eventually, it was figured out that Swansea Jack rescued around 27 people during his lifetime. 


Sad Dog Stories
Sad Dog Stories

This Labrador retriever named Marley was adopted by the married couple, John and Jenny. When the couple had their first child Alex, Marley became an elder brother to him.

Undoubtedly, they believe that Marley was a great dog. They grew closer to Alex, who has Down syndrome. Alex was eight years old and had no many friends because of his condition, but Marley never left his side.

Alex always plays with the friendly Labrador, and several times Marley protects him from the bullies. One time, a young boy bullies Alex’s physical appearance when they were playing.

Alex weeps in tears. As Marley noticed the incident, he bit the young boy in anguish. Since day one, Marley has never failed to show his love and compassion to Alex.

Six years later, Marley dies of gastric dilatation-volvulus. Alex builds a mini statue of Marley in their backyard to remember their precious memories together.

Sad Dog Stories


Sad Dog Stories
Sad Dog Stories

Another tale has come to life when a lady named Olen adopted a Labrador retriever named Sasha. Olen believed that Sasha changed her life on a most unexpected level.

When Sasha saved a little kitten from a stray dog, Olen learned the true meaning of altruism. Sasha carried the little kitty by her mouth and laid it in a safe place.

The retriever made sure that the kitten is away from the stray dog’s destructive nature. Olen gets inspired by Sasha being selfless, so she vowed to save a life someday no matter what.

Because Sasha is an exemplary role model to her master, she became the reason why Olen is very driven to help. Suddenly, the time has taken an unfortunate turn, Sasha died for saving a puppy stuck in a shaft.

Olen honored her dog’s bravery by extending a hand to helpless pets. She gave a home to thousands of homeless cats and stray dogs by donating a sum of money to an animal charity organization.

This young lady helped rehome these animals and provide them a safer sanctuary, a home where hope is endless.



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