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How To Choose The Right Dog Breed For You

How To Choose Dog Breed For You

Congratulations on your fantastic decision to add a puppy or dog to your life. Whether you live alone or have a family, finding the ideal family dog breed might be challenging.

Before you choose a dog, you should think about a few things. As you begin the process, make sure you are ready for a dog. It is also critical that you understand the costs of owning a dog. Look at your current lifestyle and think about the changes you are willing to make to accommodate a dog. If you have a big family, consider your family’s requirements. Especially if you have kids, elderly relatives, or other pets.

If you are having a hard time, read our comprehensive guide on choosing the ideal breed for you and your family.

Size and Location

If you live in an apartment, a small or medium dog breed is a good choice. It is important to keep in mind that some small dogs are sensitive and vulnerable. Stepping on or being mishandled can result in serious injury. Also, small dogs are more susceptible to chilly temperatures. Be prepared to keep them warm.

Fair warning: Some small dogs can have some attitude. Thus, obedience training is a must.

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On the other hand, large happy dogs need a little more room to move around. To avoid tail injury or damage to household objects, big dogs need a “wagging space.” Another factor to consider is the cost of dog food, supplies, and medical treatment. The larger the dog, the more expensive dog food, supplies, and medical treatments are.

Fair warning: Large dogs tend to have a shorter life span compared to small dogs. Thus, providing them with their needs and utmost care is a must.

If you like large dogs, check these gentle giants that could be the best for you!

How To Choose Dog Breed

Activity Level

Some dogs have more energy than others, as you already know. Although a dog’s activity level is often determined by breed, you should not rely on breed alone.

Make sure you can provide regular exercise for your dog, regardless of breed or size. But, if you can’t commit to more than one or two casual walks per day, a lower-energy dog like a French BullDog is a good choice. Consider a breed like the Golden Retriever if you want a dog that can be a jogging partner or “disc dog.”

If required, adapt the amount of exercise and attention you provide your dog. A dog who is barking, damaging your property, or acting out in other ways needs extra activities.

Fair warning: Excess energy is the source of many behavioral issues. Thus, give your dog a proper amount of exercise and attention.


The way your dog looks has a lot to do with his maintenance needs. Essential grooming is required for all dogs. Although many breeds need extra care due to their hair coat type. If you get a dog with a lot of hair, you will need to groom it regularly. Most short-haired, smooth-coated dogs shed a lot—plan on doing some extra cleaning. Shedding can be reduced with the use of specific grooming tools.

Fair warning: Dogs with long, floppy ears are more susceptible to ear infections. Thus, they need more regular ear cleanings.


Dogs from all over the world can live in different climates thanks to modern technology. But if you enjoy outdoor adventures with your dog, it is crucial to examine whether a dog is built for your weather.

Fair warning: Consider the health risks and potential costs if you get a dog that is not suited for your climate.

If you live in a tropical country, check these dogs that would be best for you!

Check The Rules of Your Building or The City

How To Choose Dog Breed

While the U.S government has no restrictions on the number of dogs, you can own. Although, some military bases, counties, and cities have breed-specific legislation. Either prohibiting or restricting the ownership or housing of certain breeds. Particularly “bully breeds” like pit bulls and Staffordshire terriers.

Fair warning: The dog may be required to be registered with the city, microchipped, and carry the least amount of liability insurance. As well as mandated muzzling of certain breeds in public places.

Dogs And Kids

How To Choose Dog Breed

Do you have any children? Or do you have any plans to start a family soon? Many dogs find it difficult to deal with children.

If you have children, especially young children, you should choose a dog breed that is known to be good around children.

Fair warning: To ensure your dog gets along well with children, bear in mind that obedience training and socialization are important.

Here are the best child-friendly breeds for your family. 

How To Choose Dog Breed

Do You Have Other Pets?

How To Choose Dog Breed

Most dogs, especially puppies, can be trained to get along with other pets. Even though your dog is friendly to other animals and plays gently, instincts can overpower them and cause injury to the smaller animal.

Fair warning: Breeds with high prey drives may not be the ideal choice if you plan on having other small animals around.

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Purebred Vs. Mixed Breed

How To Choose Dog Breed

Purebred dogs have unquestionable popularity. Many people are drawn to a particular dog breed for a variety of reasons. Maybe you grew up with the breed. Perhaps you simply adore the way a specific breed looks and behaves. If you want a purebred dog, make sure you research the breed thoroughly. Determine whether you are willing to take on challenges, such as temperament, grooming needs, and health problems.

Make sure the breed, including other pets, will fit in with your family and lifestyle. Lastly, you must find a trustworthy dog breeder.

Mixed Breed

Mixed-breed dogs can be fantastic additions to your household. When two or more dog breeds are mixed, their personality and physical qualities are frequently balanced. Keep in mind that, especially if you get a “pound puppy,” you should expect the unexpected. You cannot foresee how your puppy will look when he or she grows up, and you cannot predict health concerns.

Mixed-breed dogs, according to many experts, have fewer health issues than purebred dogs. They are generally pleasant and intelligent. Adopting a mixed-breed dog usually means saving that dog from euthanasia or lonely life in the shelter.

Here are the Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2020, according to American Kennel Club: 

1Labrador Retrievers
2French BullDogs
3German Shepherd
4Golden Retrievers
9German Shorthaired


How To Choose Dog Breed

Having a dog is one of the best feelings, whether you are a newbie or not. Before you decide to choose its breed, there are many decisions to make and factors to consider. Don’t succumb to impulse and bring a dog home at the wrong time. Do your research first. Find out if you’re ready for a dog and how to get one responsibly.


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How To Choose Dog Breed
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