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Ghost Dogs – Do Dogs Have Souls?

Ghost Dogs – Do Dogs Have Souls?

Ghost Dogs
Ghost Dogs

Dogs are the best judge of character. So does this imply that dogs are the best judge of a human soul too?  If that’s the case, does that mean that dogs have souls as well? Perplexing and intriguing! Like humans, let’s explore whether or not our dogs really have souls. 

Do animals have souls?

Many people are doubtful in trusting that the scripture provides a clear answer. But that, however, could not be further from the truth. Scripture is crystal clear that animals do have souls. So, as a fact, dogs do have souls.

However, you may still be having second thoughts and contemplating if it’s true or not. According to JC Trustin, a theistic evolutionist, the answer is not found inside the pages of the 66-book Protestant Bible nor in the Catholic Bible. Hence, the answer can be found in what is deemed Holy Scripture, the Writings of Enoch. According to the Writings of Enoch, animals have souls, as it talks about creation. And that the spirits of these creatures will judge whether or not Christians lived righteously. From there, how we treat animals is just as extremely important as how we treat people.

How many of you believe that there’s divine guidance for your dog? There has to be something more to our connection with them that we feel close and connected. Why do we feel such a special bond with our dogs? There has to be a reason why we feel that way. And this reason might be because, like us humans, dogs have souls too. 

What happens to a dog’s soul when they die? 

Now we’ll speak about what happens to your beloved dog’s soul when they die. What exactly happens to an animal’s soul when it dies?

According to Danielle MacKinnon, an animal communicator and psychic, a dog’s soul leaving the body is a physical process. She revealed how this one occurs using her intuition and psychic powers in connecting with animals. To begin, we must understand that an animal’s soul and physical body are inextricably connected. It means that a dog’s soul travels with them into their lifetime. Once they’ve completed their voyage here, they decide to cross beyond. At this point, the soul must depart from the physical body. Yes, it’s a little intriguing. A dog body and a soul or spirit should be intertwined in this physical process.

Now, the question becomes, how does the soul exit the physical body? Simple. The soul and body need to disconnect. Both must separate for the physical body to die and the soul to reach its destination. The soul begins to retreat out of the dog’s bum and begins to release the corporeal body. Yes, it may appear surreal, but it is quite possible. Danielle MacKinnon further states that this phenomenon is communicated to her by canines who miraculously came back from a near-death experience.

If dogs have souls, then do they have ghosts too? Absolutely!

Humans tend to believe that they are not only rational beings; they are also spiritually superior to animals. At the same time, they also believe in an afterlife. Most people, however, develop deep emotional ties to their companion animals, particularly dogs. From there, it becomes logical that animals like dogs may have tenacious souls that outlive their earthly existence. There have been several reports of pets reappearing after death. As a result, we can’t rule out the possibility that they, too, might continue to exist in another dimension. 

As every old folk says, dogs can even stick around to console their owners. Here are two of the most legendary stories of dog hauntings that will keep you awake at night. Keep a firm grasp on these ancient tales.

The Ghost Dog of Airth Castle Scotland

Ghost Dogs
Ghost Dogs

The legend of the Airth Castle’s ghost dog has long gone unsolved and unexplained.  Apart from being a hotel and spa, Airth Castle is also famous for its terrifying stories. It is home to the folklore of a ghostly dog who nips at guests’ ankles.

Airth Castle in Scotland is a historic fortress renowned for hosting a handful of ghostly guests. Airth Castle originated from the 14th century and was originally inhabited by Robert Bruce’s family. The castle has 125 rooms and suites, some of which have a haunting past.

There are various paranormal encounters at Airth Castle, and the account of a four-legged ghost is among the most legendary. The infamous Airth Castle ghost dog is said to like biting at hotel guests’ ankles as they pass through the medieval chamber. Some visitors have even reported feeling the dog brush by them in the corridors. Chills! This place deserves its own horror movie.  

The Black Dog of Newgate Prison London

Ghost Dogs
Ghost Dogs

The Central Criminal Court, famously regarded as the ‘Old Bailey,’ is located on the grounds of the former Newgate Prison. The Black Dog of Newgate legend refers to the mysteries of London’s historic Newgate Prison. As the 18th-century author Henry Fielding put it, Newgate was a “prototype of hell.”

During a severe famine in London in King Henry’s reign, a chap was incarcerated in Newgate Prison. This man had a reputation as a sorcerer. He’s a warlock who has caused a lot of trouble for the King’s people with his charms and wicked spells. Unfortunately for him, his imprisonment culminated with the onset of a terrible famine in London.

The famine was so severe

It was so horrible that the captives resorted to cannibalism during this grievous time. Starving to death, a dreadful turn of events that the sorcerer eventually succumbed to occurred gruesomely. The sorcerer was slaughtered by his cellmates, who immediately nestled in hungry. The chap quickly becomes a dish for starving prisoners for several nights not long after his arrival.  

Shortly after the atrocity, the convicts responsible for his death reported seeing the apparition of a gigantic black dog. Despite being consumed as a delectable dish, the sorcerer’s spirit conjured an act of cold revenge. And the adversary has arrived in the shape of a big evil-looking hound. Inmates believed that the black dog was the sorcerer’s spirit, coming to avenge his killers.

The monstrous beast has tormented the Newgate Prison several nights in succession, tearing the limbs of guilty inmates. Countless inmates perished purely from terror as a consequence of the black dog’s vendetta. Although far-fetched, it appears that something really happened around this period that caused widespread concern. Several guards were slain by inmates anxious to flee before the black dog reappeared.

Most prisoners who managed to flee were guilty of snacking on the sorcerer. After breaking out of Newgate, they were soon chased down and butchered by the black dog. However, once all those involved in the sorcerer’s death perished, the dog’s nighttime rampage came to an end.

Now, with all of these gruesome tales, you might not want to meddle with a dog again!



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