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30+ Best Unique ‘Good Boy’ Dog Names with Meaning

Dog Names Unique Boy

Dog Names Unique – Boy: 30+ Best Unique Male Dog Names with Meaning

Dog Names Unique Boy

Whether you are a new fur parent or you’re an old-timer, one of the joys of having a new pet is naming them, just like how we name our own children or even our cars and stuff toys.

Naming our pets can be a thrilling experience. There are a plethora of names to consider. Of course, that name should reflect their unique appearance and personality.

When it comes to coming up with a unique name for your dog, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. To make things lighter for you, we’ve compiled a list of names along with their meanings. Take your time reading through the list to see which one appeals to you. The more connected you are with the name, the better!

Dog Names Unique Boy

Male Dog Names A-C

AikoJapanese origin. Means little loved one
AlNoble and Bright
AngusOne Strength
AtticusLatin origin meaning “from Attica,” the Ancient Greek region that contained Athens.
BakerOld English Origin. Occupational name.
BishopOld English origin. It means “one serving the bishop, or bishop’s man.”
BooneOld French and Latin origin. It means “good.”
BowieScottish and Gaelic origin. It means “blond.”
BorisRussian and Slavic origin. It means “small or battle glory.”
BranchLatin origin. It means “paw; extension.”
ByllBritish origin. It means “resolute protector.”
CaiusPronounced as keys. It means “rejoice.”
CashOriginating from the French word “caisse,” which means money case.
ChetIt means “camp of soldiers or fortress.”
CianPronounced as KEE-an. It means “ancient.”
ConanIt means “hound, wolf; high.”
CosmoIt means “order, organization, and beauty.”
CottonPlant name or an occupational name from England.
CoyIt means “woods or a quiet place.”

Male Dog Names D-H

DashIt means self-contained and looks, well, dashing.
DaviIt means “beloved.”
DeaconPronounced as DEE-ken. It means “dusty one; servant; messenger.”
DragoIt means “dragon.”
DuffieIt means “swarthy.”
DukeIt means “leader.”
DuncanIt means “dark warrior; brown fighter.”
EdIt means wealthy spear, protector, guard, or friend.
ElyHebrew origin. It means “high.”
EmmitGerman origin. It means “powerful.”
ErnoOld German origin. It means “serious or determined.”
FavioLatin origin. It means “bean farmer.”
FelixIt means “happy, fortunate.”
FerrilIt means “hero or man of courage.”
FinleeIt means “fair-haired courageous one.”
FinnThe surname of Mark Twain’s classic character Huckleberry Finn.
FolkeIt means “people’s guard.”
FlyntIt means “stream.”
GelatoLatin origin. It means ice cream.
GomerIt means famous battle; good fight.
GordieGaelic origin. It means “large fortification.”
GrahamIt means gravel area; gray homestead.
GunnerIt means battle or warrior.
GustavScandinavian origin. It means “royal staff or staff of the gods.”
HakeemArabic origin. It means wise or intelligent.
HasanArabic origin. It means good-looking or handsome.
HawkeyeA skilled marksman, a former special agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., and one of the founding members of the Avengers.
HoltIt means woods or forest.
HubieIt means bright or shining intellect.
HueyIt means soul, mind, or intellect.
 Dog Names Unique Boy

Male Dog Names I-N

IchiroJapanese origin. It means firstborn son.
IggieIt means fiery one.
IkeyIt means laughter.
JackoIt means “he who supplants.”
JasperIt means treasurer.
JieChinese origin. It means “one who rises above the rest.”
JirachiA Psychic-type Mythical Pokémon was introduced in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.



From Jumbo, the Circus Elephant was a 19th-century male African bush elephant born in Sudan.
KaneIt means little battler.
KimbleIt means war leader.
KnoxIt means round-top hill.
KorbinIt means raven-haired.
KyogreA Water-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation III.
LeftyIt simply means left-handed.
LennieIt means “lion strength.”
LennoxIt means “with many elm trees.”
LeroiIt means “the king.”
LinusIt means flax.
LittenIt means “hill settlement.”
LuckyIt means fortunate.
MaddoxIt means “benefactor’s son.”
MagnusIt means great.
MajorIt means greater.
MannyIt means “God is with us.”
MoeIt means to love, God’s helmet, or savior.
MustafaIt means “chosen.”
NapoleonA 90-gun ship of the French Navy’s line and the world’s first purpose-built steam battleship.
NemoA clownfish in the movie, “Finding Nemo.”
NewsyIt means a newcomer.
NewtonThe surname of a famous scientist, Isaac Newton.
NicoloIt means “people of victory.”

Male Dog Names O–S

OlafA snowman character in the movie, Frozen.
OlleyIt means Olive tree.
OnixA dual-type Rock/Ground Pokémon.
OrionA constellation named after “the hunter” in Greek mythology.
OtisIt means wealth; son of Otto.
OzzyIt means “spear of the gods or God’s power.”
PascalIt means “of the Passover; Easter.”
PedroLatin origin. It means “stone” or “rock.”
PopeyePopeye is the main character in the Popeye franchise, a sailor character created by Elzie Crisler Segar in 1928.
PorterIt means “gatekeeper.”
PrimoItalian origin. It means “first.”
QuesoLatin origin. A dipping sauce of melted cheese and chopped chili peppers.
QuinlanIrish origin. It means fit, shapely, strong.
QuintinLatin origin. It means fifth.
RaichuAn Electric-type Pokémon.
RangerIt means “forest guardian.”
RaviSanskrit origin. It means “sun.”
RoccoIt means “rest.”
RudolpheIt means “famous wolf.”
RushOld English origin. It means “dweller by the rushes.”
ScottieBritish origin. It means “from Scotland.”
SergioLatin origin. It means servant, attendant.
SheldonIt means “steep valley.”
Sheriff(in the United States) an elected official in charge of maintaining the peace in a county.
SiriusThe brightest star seen from earth.
SpeedOld English origin. It means “good fortune.”
SterlingIt means genuine, of high quality.
SullivanIt means “dark eyes.”
Dog Names Unique Boy

Male Dog Names T-Z

TaroIt means “big boy.”
TeriyakiA Japanese dish consisting of fish or meat marinated in soy sauce and grilled.
TotodileA Water-type crocodilian Pokémon with well-developed jaws.
TyruntA dual-type Rock/Dragon Fossil Pokémon.
UdonA Japanese noodle that is made with wheat flour.
UmberIt means “shade.”
UmbrionA Dark-type Pokémon that evolves from Eevee.
ViggoIt means “battle, fight.”
VolkerIt means “people’s defender.”
WebsterIt means “weaver.”
WoodyA cowboy doll and main character of Toy Story Movie Series.
XavierIt means bright; splendid; new house.
YoshiroJapanese origin. It means “happy individual.”
YukioIt means “snow.”
ZionIt means “highest point.”
Unique Boy Dog Names


Dog Names Unique Boy
Dog Names Unique Boy

A variety of things influences puppy names, including food, pop culture, and nature. It’s easy to get anxious when there are too many choices. But the most important thing is that you like the name.

You can feel a little glimmer of joy every time you say it. ““That’s my dog!”“. Always keep in mind that the dog’s quality of life, not his or her name, is the most valuable investment.


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Dog Names Unique Boy

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