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Top 10 Interesting Short Stories about Dogs

Best Dog Stories: Top Interesting Short Stories about Dogs

Best Dog Stories
Best Dog Stories

Having a dog in your life is usually a good excuse for a hearty giggle. You may find yourself sobbing over the most little of everyday concerns on certain days. Then, at a side glance, you see your fur child goofing around, being that happy-go-lucky creature as usual. With that, once your mood has been lifted, you won’t even remember why you were sobbing, to begin with.

Dogs, man’s best friends, are always ready to provide unwavering support and tireless commitment. We’ve all heard the tales of dogs that have risked their lives for their human companions. These creatures will put their lives on the line to help others, even if they are strangers if the circumstance warrants it. Stories of dogs accompanying their owners even when they are in danger or at risk of death are also prevalent. Dogs are known to intercede to safeguard individuals even when in danger.

Every day, our dogs teach us valuable lessons about life. They are devoted, affectionate, and upbeat company. They don’t ask for anything in exchange for their services and offer all they have to humanity. Even though we tend to forget about them, they have been man’s constant companions throughout history. They’ve been with us for tens of thousands of years and have seen us through everything.

This article rounds together 10 of the most heartwarming tales of canine significance.

The Ice-skating Heartthrob, Benny

Best Dog Stories

Meet the Labrador retriever, Benny. Labrador retrievers have been America’s most popular dog breed for the last three decades, serving as hunters, support dogs, competition dogs in shows and agility competitions, as well as go-to assistants in search and rescue.

But, in Benny’s case, particularly, he seems to have a hidden talent, an astonishing skill nobody would have dreamed of in real life. Benny skates on ice! Yes, that does sound like made-up fiction, but read further! Benny is an award-winning dog.

Benny has been selected as one of five AKC’s 2021 Award for Canine Excellence winners, garnering the Exemplary Companion. This category honors dogs who have made a significant contribution to their owners or communities despite not having professional training or certification.

The Reliable Babysitter, Lada

Best Dog Stories

Russian lady Olga, 22, went on a walk with her dog and her infant son Vadim at a park in Saratov, where she caught up with friends. Olga went home after a few drinks, but she realized she had left her kid by himself. At least she had her dog Lada at her side to keep an eye on the infant. 

The next morning, Olga woke up and discovered that her son was gone. When Lada’s father got to the park, he saw Vadim in his stroller, still accompanied by Lada. All night long, Lada, the rottweiler, had kept an eye on him. Vadim was found unhurt but soaked and hungry. Good thing he had his loyal canine babysitter with him.

The Canine of Valor, Kuno

Best Dog Stories

In Afghanistan in 2019, Kuno and his handler supported elite Special Boat Service commandos in a night operation targeting al-Qaeda members. Insurgent grenades and machine-gun fire halted the troops, preventing them from advancing. Kuno was sent to end the struggle. He raced through a shower of gunfire while wearing night-vision goggles to tackle the shooter, grappling him to the ground and ceasing his onslaught.

As a result of Kuno’s contributions, the mission was completed. His handler and doctors flew him to safety in a helicopter after he was wounded in the rear legs twice during the attack. He recovered from his injuries there. Before being transported back to the UK for additional care, he had to undergo a series of critical surgeries because of his life-threatening injuries. He was then awarded the Dickin Medal, the highest honor to animal heroes.

A Mother to All, Jasmine

Best Dog Stories

As for the Greyhound, Jasmine, she had been a stray for quite some time when she was found in a closed garage, shivering and famished. She had been spotted by a police officer and sent to a wildlife refuge. She was cared for until she recovered from her injuries.

Jasmine, unlike other neglected and mistreated dogs, was compassionate and caring. The moment she started to feel better, she began assisting other strays who came in. She fostered puppies, kittens, foxes, chicks, Guinea-pigs, rabbits, and even deers throughout her lifetime. It is a remarkable tale indeed!

The Sharp Listener, Judy 

Best Dog Stories
Best Dog Stories

Being a ship dog in World War 2, Judy, a purebred Pointer, was able to pick up on the sound of approaching planes and alert the rest of the crew. One of the ships she stayed aboard sunk en route. Judy almost died when a row of lockers fell on top of her, trapping her in the ship. Fortunately, a crew member returned to the ship searching for supplies and saved her from the water. 

Judy discovered a freshwater source on the uninhabited island with the remaining crew, saving them all. A crocodile attacked Judy during their five-week walk over 200 miles of jungle, but she survived. They arrived one day after the last ship had gone and were taken prisoner by the Japanese. Once inside the Gloegoer Prisoner of war camp in Medan, Judy met Frank Williams, his owner, in the following years. When the Second World War broke out, she was the only dog recorded as a prisoner.

The Attentive Paramedic, Belle

Best Dog Stories

Kevin Weaver suffers from diabetes. His blood sugar levels are monitored by a beagle called Belle, who has been particularly trained for this purpose. To get his attention, she kisses his nose and then paws him, signaling that it’s time for him to take the test. 

A new dexterity was put to use by Belle during the summer of 2006. Weaver had a seizure and passed out on the floor. Belle snatched the man’s mobile phone and bit down on the number 9, exactly as she had been taught to do. When the number was configured to call 911, help came quickly. Following the VITA Wireless Samaritan Award, Belle was granted the award for individuals who save lives using mobile phones. Until Belle, no canine had ever won the prize at the time. She was the first!

The Cuddly Hero, Barry

Best Dog Stories
Best Dog Stories

It is well known that Saint Bernards are enormous and ferocious. It’s not like they’re anything more than large huggers. These canines were originally developed to be rescue dogs in frigid and icy conditions. On missions, they usually went out in pairs so that the person discovered could be kept warm by one while the other went to get aid.

After saving more than 40 people for his 12-year life, Saint Bernard, Barry, is still being cared for by rescue dogs named after him at the monastery where he resided. His German nickname is Menschenretter, which translates to “people saver.”

The Resilient Contender, Ramen Noodle

Best Dog Stories
Best Dog Stories

Ramen Noodle, a light-brown poodle, stood on all fours when he was a baby. He was most likely a puppy factory mix, bred to be as little as he was. His original owner took him to the vet when he was eight months old because he had a fractured arm. Due to her neglect, the owner did not return to have the cast examined until nine weeks had passed. To no one’s surprise, the arm had practically succumbed to gangrene by this time. Ramen Noodle had become drowsy and had refused to eat at this point. He was lucky to be alive at all.

The owner was offered the choice of giving him over to the clinic or having him reported to animal control after weeks of rigorous treatment. After adopting him, she became his primary caregiver and became a fan of Ramen.

Ramen suffered a broken bone in his other front leg when he leaped off a chair. His lone teacup poodle arm snapped and could not be repaired because of the weak bones resulting from little dogs’ inbreeding. Even though most people were distraught, Ramen shocked everyone by quickly recovering. He was able to walk on two legs three weeks later.

The Norweigian Savior, Bamse

Best Dog Stories
Best Dog Stories

Bamse’s owner was a sea captain. During World War 2, Bamse and his owner were enlisted in the Royal Norwegian Navy in 1940, where Bamse was made an official crew member. While aboard the ship, Bamse was instrumental in boosting morale among the crew and earning the respect of the locals. 

The crew constructed a customized metal helmet that he wore while standing atop the boat’s forward gun tower in combat. By throwing the attacker into the water and pulling the unconscious sailor ashore, the hero saved the life of a young lieutenant commander who had been threatened by an attacker holding an actual knife. 

While in Scotland, one of Bamse’s primary responsibilities was to ensure that every one of the ship’s crew was returned to the ship on time for duty or curfew. He could go alone using the local bus system, thanks to the crew’s purchase of an associated bus pass. As Bamse walked along Broughty Ferry Road, he would get on the next bus to Dundee. At the bus stop near his crew’s favorite bar, he would go in and bring them back from there. He’d return to base if he couldn’t find his pals, which he did eventually.

The Swift Rescuer Balto

Best Dog Stories
Best Dog Stories

You have probably watched the animated film Balto based on a real-life tale of a dog by this name. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check it out. Musher and breeder Leonhard Seppala had a Siberian Husky named Balto to lead his team of dogs on lengthy journeys. It is said that Gunnar Kaasen drove him and his sled dogs on the last leg of the 1925 serum run from Anchorage to Nenana, Alaska, by rail and to Nome by dog sled to battle an epidemic of the diphtheria antitoxin. 

Balto died when he was 14 in the Cleveland Zoo. He was put on display at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History after his death, where he remains to this day.



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